Posted by: Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr. | 27 April 2017

My Dallas Interview (2015)

When I was in Dallas in November 2015, preparing to deliver my presentation From Dallas to Raleigh: Lee Oswald and the Fingerprints of Intelligence, I was asked to do an interview on a wide ranging set of issues related to the Kennedy Assassination. Quite by chance, I discovered today that the 40-minute interview has just been posted (uncut, and in HD) on Youtube. (It can be viewed below.)

I was responding to questions from Tom Keener (lecture series impresario extraordinaire), who unfortunately was apparently not mic’ed well (if at all). So you have to really strain to hear his questions — which is a shame, because he asked some excellent ones.

As was the case in their HD video of my lecture, the production values of this interview are excellent (apart from Tom sounding way-off-stage). So once again, let me say how much of a delight it was be hosted by Tom, and to work with his exemplary staff of videographers, producers, and editors.

(During that same visit to Dallas, I was interviewed at great length by the Sixth Floor Museum, for their Oral History Project about the Assassination. Due to the Museum’s restrictions, I am forbidden to publish or post that interview in any manner.)



(42:24)   ●   19 NOVEMBER 2015



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